The (almost) impossible task of styling <select> in CSS

Even at 5+ years of fullstack development, I find CSS to be my Achilles’ heel. Recently, I ran into the need to alter how basic input elements like <input>, <select>, etc., look, and while it was simple to make others obey, the <select> was one tricky customer. No matter how much I tried, it completely ignored any changes in rounded corners: the corners were always rounded equally, and that too by the default radius.

Why hasn’t StackOverflow monopolized tech hiring yet?

StackOverflow (SO) needs no introduction among the developer community. No matter what type of problem you’re stuck with — whether you’re unable to figure out a merging algorithm or whether you’re staring at a dense error log by your web server — just throw those words into the search engine and nine times out of ten, StackOverflow will have an existing, clear-cut answer for that. It’s arguably the largest destination for developers, and no matter what level and skillset you’re talking of, you’re likely to find more than enough suitable devs there.